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Principal & Senior Structural Engineers 

Location: NSW - Sydney
Salary: $195,000.00
Category: Engineering - Structural

Principal Structural Engineers

  • Lead Structural Engineer - $195k-$182k. Manage team of 7. Lead the Structural Division. High-rise and large commercial. 
  • Principal Structural Engineer - $184k-$175k. Free reign of 10 staff. 2IC to MD, Manage and run projects. High-end residential. 
  • Principal Structural Engineer - $180k-$169k. Implement your methodolgies and strategies. Prominent and major structures, some landmark. 


Senior Structural Engineers 

  • Senior Structural Engineer $153k-$139k. Commercial, PT, goverment structures
  • Senior Structural Engineer $150k-$131k. High rise, large industrial
  • Senior Structural Engineer $143k-$131k. education, warehouse, temp structures
  • Senior Structural Engineer $140k-$123k. Multi storey residential, large commercial
  • Senior Structural Engineer - Parramatta - $132k-$119k. Large-scale residential/commercial
  • Structural Engineer -  $109k-$88k. High rise, recreation, government structures
  • Structural Engineer $100k-$86k Solid projects. Health, recreation
  • Structural Engineer $104-$96k Residential, low-rise commercial
  • Structural Engineer $90k-$78k Low-rise residential, commercial, retail
  • Structural Engineer St Leonards $98k-$86k High end residential, lite commercial
  • Structural Engineer $99k-$87k Commercial, industrial structures


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