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Principal Civil Engineer 

Location: NSW - Sydney - North
Salary: $208,000.00
Category: Engineering - Civil

You are comfortable in your current role, you have worked there for a number of years, you know the ins and outs, the people , the systems, the processes, the way things operate. It is all you know, but your progression is restrained. There is always talk about the next step for you and your potential, but the years have passed by and the talk never turned into action. Your retention is their top priority which means it is time for you to move on if you want to facilitate a forwards step.

The solution at this leading national consultancy is that they will have a clear carved out career path from the beginning to share with you. They have a robust approach to their business, a clear direction as to where they need to grow ad how to get there.  In the senior management team they have critical members who have been there for 10 years plus. Everything just works well, it feels stable and there is longevity in their vision.  You will be surrounded by technical specialists and a competent support team to assist you in this journey.

You will come in as a Principal Civil Engineer, almost like a second in charge to the Civil Team Leader. You will impart your knowledge on a small team of Engineers, keep the quality up to scratch, ensure smooth delivery to clients and provide input into broader strategy for the business. The option to become a Technical Director is one pathway or if you prefer an outward approach on the client development side this is also an option. You choose what is right for you ultimately.

They will accommodate your home life, they understand the need for flexible time arrangements to cater for young families and to ensure a balanced mind, which they believe translates into a better performing employee. They encourage you to attend special events and school activities. The company cultivates a relationship with you where you are trusted to work around your work and home commitments and work out what suits you.

Minimum 10-20+yrs experience in local Sydney consultancy, CPEng, strong technical ability coupled with leadership/managment, business development and client skills

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