Qualities of a Valuable Employee

By Vikas Rana

Employers always say it is hard to find a good employee.  Traditional qualities such as dependability and reliability are always on the top of the list of expectations of most employers.  However with increasing competition and slow economic growth, employers are now looking into hiring employees with exceptional qualities.

It is not about text book knowledge of information anymore. Knowledge can be taught, but the most important aspect these days is overall personality and the attitude an employee brings in to the workforce.

Some qualities that employers consider remarkable or valuable are:

Excellent communication skills

Communication skills in any form - verbal, written or oral - are critical for any business to run smoothly, and thus employers seek excellent communicators to avoid any miscommunication.


Honesty is still one of the top qualities that employers seek in an employee, especially in an age of fraud and theft. Personal integrity and authenticity are given top priority by employers.

Cheerful and positive attitude

No one likes to be around a negative person who is constantly complaining and being pessimistic. A positive and cheerful attitude at your work place will ensure better relations within your immediate work group as well as with your employer, and result in more productivity.

Strong work ethics

It is important to do your job the right way, without taking any short cuts, and without the need to have constant supervision from your boss. It is important to follow the rules and directions of the company.

Proactive approach

A self-motivated employee who takes the initiative to learn new things and carries on his/her task without having to been told what to do every day is highly favoured by any employer.  An employee who productively uses their time and comes up with new and innovative ideas is often given increased responsibility.

Teamwork skills

The ability to work in a team or group without creating issues is important, as it emphasises the fact that you are willing to work towards a common goal to the mutual benefit of you and of the company.


Your ability to be flexible with your work assignments or hours, and changing conditions indicate your sincerity towards your company, and this is what employers are looking for these days.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills showcase your ability as an employee to take charge of any situation when required. Leadership is often associated with self confidence and positive attitude.  An employer will look for an employee who has the skills to manage co-workers and lead future employees in the right direction.

Loyalty and Dedication

It is important to stay focussed on your task/work and make sure you get things done successfully keeping in mind your work ethics. A dedicated employee will always exceed their employer’s expectations.  Loyalty is always highly sought after as employers increasingly seek this dedication from their employees.  


It is important to highlight your professional attitude by acting in a fair and responsible way in all activities relating to your work and the company.

These professional and personal qualities are just some of the few a valuable employee should possess in order to make him or her a true asset for the organisation in which they are employed.  These qualities will not only increase an employee’s value in the job market, but will also ensure job security for the future.