3 Key Qualities Students & Grads Should Master for Job Interviews

By Leslie Zeder

Are you a recent graduate, or current university student lacking work experience in your chosen field?

These 3 qualities from Tai Tran are designed to improve your interviewing skills and give you an edge over your fellow job seekers.

Who is Tai Tran?

Tai Tran teaches undergraduate and publishing courses at UC Berkely and writes for LinkedIn and Forbes.

Recently, he has been recognised by Forbes as the youngest honouree in the January 2016, award category of 30 under 30 in Marketing & Advertising.

3 Qualities to Unlocking the Door to Professional Success for Grads and Students

The 3 qualities which Tai Tran believes jobseekers must learn, master and communicate in an interview are:

  1. Authenticity

  2. Enthusiasm                

  3. Perseverance

1. Authenticity

Allows you to bring down any guards you may have put up when it comes to interviews and speak your mind honestly without bringing up any fabricated experience. By acknowledging your lack of professional experience and communicating your eagerness to dive into your chosen professional field you have informed the interviewer you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to join the team and begin work.

2. Enthusiasm

Allows you to be positive and let your personality shine through. No one likes to work side by side with someone constantly radiating negativity all day long.

Don’t forget to squeeze in networking during interviews. Engaging in networking communicates your enthusiasm and drive which leaves a positive impression upon interviewers while also helping to grow your network.

Enthusiasm and positivity are usually essential to ensuring you are even considered for the position at all.

3. Perseverance

Persevering is the key to building a prosperous career. Understand it will take time and be willing to learn.

Gain work experience by applying to advertisements and approaching start-up businesses who may be happy for the help in exchange for building experience.

Applying the skills and knowledge garnered during your studies in a professional environment will start you on your way to a paid job.

Tai Tran admits he would never have gained his paid job, if he had not persevered with getting work experience under his belt first, using it to kick-start his career.