How to Kill a Job Search: Part 1

By Leslie Zeder

Don’t botch your job hunt before it even begins. Avoid committing these 7 major job search mistakes:

1. Not turning to your networked connections and accessing the hidden job market.

Research estimates between 70% and 80% of jobs in Australia are not advertised, but rather filled through networked connections and other avenues.

Boost your job searching efforts by activating your network and identifying other prominent professionals you should contact and focus the bulk of your networking energies on these people.

2. Assuming that being qualified is enough to get the job.

What differentiates you from your competition? What can you bring to the role that they cannot? What makes you invaluable to have on the pay-roll?

Figure out what makes you a unique asset to the business and then communicate it, market yourself to your prospective employer.

3. Neglecting your online social media profile and professional brand.

In today’s digital age, many (if not most) employers and recruiters make it a habit to Google prospective employees. You should use this as an opportunity to get their attention and differentiate you from the other contenders.

Assume they will likely check out your LinkedIn, Facebook and/or other social media profiles at some point in the hiring process, so use these as a self-marketing platform. 

4. Showing up for a job interview without doing your homework.

These days it’s expected across the board that a job candidate will come in for an interview prepared and armed with questions, having researched the company and the people behind it in advance.

Having zero clue about the business you are trying to join is sure to leave a bad impression, don’t squander your chances by not reading up on the firm.

Visit their website, set Google Alerts for the business, do some general Googling and find out all you can. Tailor some relevant questions around what you’ve discovered and make a note of anything you found interesting, or appealing to use for extra interview ammunition.

5. Discover the final 3 job hunting mistakes to avoid in 7 Ways to Screw Up Your Job Search: Part 2 (coming soon)