How To Be Noticed at Work

By Vikas Rana

There are many kinds of people at any workplace. Two of these are those who want to keep quiet and do their day-to-day work without any fuss or attention, and those who enjoy the attention doing a good job brings them. This second category of people enjoy the limelight and want to be noticed. If you are one of these people who wants to be noticed but are not sure what to do, then follow these steps to gain good attention at work:

1.   Maintain Personal Appearance: Regardless of what your job is, personal appearance is very important. There is an old adage, 'dress for the job you want, not the job you have'. If you want to get noticed, make sure you are well dressed and disciplined. 

2.   Deliver Results on time: If you want to get noticed for the right reasons, then never unnecessarily delay your work. Deliver results in the agreed upon time. Or, do not agree to take on work if you cannot do it in that given time. Instead, suggest a suitable time frame in which you will be able to complete the job. Your boss will notice and appreciate you if you deliver project outcomes on time or early.

3.   Keep Learning and Sharing: People who are open to learning are welcomed in the corporate world. Be open to meeting new people, communicating with your staff if you have any questions, attending Professional Development courses, and anything possible to gain more knowledge. The more knowledge you have - and share - the more you will be noticed.

4.   Help others: If you know something that others don't: help your colleagues learn when possible. Not only they will appreciate the assistance, but they will also spread the good word for you at the workplace, improving your reputation as someone helpful.

5.   Be Social: This is an obvious one if you want to get noticed, but also one of the more important methods. Attend all seminars, social networking events, award nights, or lunch outings that your company holds. Stay in touch with colleagues as much as possible and make an effort to talk to others during events, especially any new faces to make new acquaintances/formal allies. However be careful not to take it too far and act inappropriately. Make sure you limit any alcohol intake as social events involving alcohol tend to make or break reputations.

6.   Volunteer: Volunteering for extra responsibilities or for corporate charity events is a great way to improve your reputation and get yourself noticed. All employees will do the work that is allocated to them, but few will step up to take on extra work. If you work on a salary basis you likely won't receive any monetary benefit for the extra work, but it is an excellent way to get noticed if you have the time and inclination.