2015 Bachelor Degree Salary Figures Review

By Leslie Zeder

The 2015, updated, annual review from Graduate Careers Australia of Bachelor degree salary earnings shows pay for those holding Bachelor degrees is on the rise in some fields and there’s good news for post graduates as well.

The Graduate Salaries 2014 Review details the earnings of 2014 bachelor graduates undertaking full-time work for the first time.

Bachelor Degree Full-Time Salary Review Highlights

Since 1977, Male Average Weekly Earnings (MAWE) have grown at a faster pace than the medium starting salary growth for Bachelor degree graduates less than 25 years old, in their first, full-time employment (GSS).

Those new graduates working for the first time, full-time in the professional private practice sector have seen vaulting increases in their median starting salary growth relative to 1977.

2014 starting salaries for law graduates was 929.8% equivalent of the starting salary in 1977, compared to a 546.9% average across other fields.

Over the whole 35 time period from 1977, the law field showed experienced more GSS growth, than MAWE, which is great news for new full-time graduates.

Over the course of 2014, the sectors which enjoyed the most GSS growth for full-timers were:

  • Engineering with 613.9%
  • Accounting with 574.7%
  • Maths with 631.6%
  • Earth sciences with 618.6%
  • Physical sciences with 585.1%

If we look at the period 1977 to 2014, it shows newly minted medical graduates experience the lowest median, full-time starting salary advancements.

Those working in the commerce and industry sectors have had the least growth in median full-time starting salaries since 1977.

Post-Graduate Full-Time Salary Review Highlights

Post graduate salaries aren’t as easy to formulate compared to new grads, but Graduate Career Australia nonetheless have compiled a few figures to give us an indication of what’s happening in the labour market in regards to full-time post graduate salaries: 

  • Post graduate Certificate/Diploma holders took home a median salary of $75,000.
  • Master's degree graduates who performed coursework received $80,000 median starting salary.
  • Master's degree graduates who undertook research also enjoyed a median salary of $80,000.
  • PhD graduates were earning $80,000 median as well.
  • Diploma/Certificate post graduates enjoyed the highest growth in median starting salaries since 1994 with 108.3%.