The Best Apps on the Market for Business Professionals

20 Apr 2017

What are the most popular applications used by business professionals in Australia? 

Today's multi-generational workforce

31 Mar 2017

As we now can see up to five generations working together at once, Managers find new challenges to getting workers to see past their age differences and collaborate.

Globalisation and the Workplace

20 Mar 2017

What impacts (both positive and negative) has globalisation had in the workplace and on the workforce?

10 Tips to get you closer to your Dream Job – Part 1

17 Feb 2017

First it was the struggle of finding your first ‘real’ job, a position in your field of study, which was full-time, and paid the bills.

Side Jobs are a Win-Win for Employees and Empoyers

06 Feb 2017

As the number of workers who work multiple jobs increase, we look into how this trend can impact not only workers themselves, but also those who employ them.

Inclusiveness in the Workplace: It's Really Good for Business!

19 Jan 2017

With work-related stress on the rise, businesses need to have inclusive policies and other programs in place; not only is it good for employees, it is also great for business.

Creative Ways to Stand Out In Your Job Search

05 Dec 2016

While you can’t get away from the traditional process of job applications, you can get creative in ways to stand out and make hiring managers remember you for good reasons.

Job Interview Lessons to Learn from the US Presidential Election

29 Nov 2016

While the world is still assessing the possible effects of the 2016 US election, we take a look back to the presidential debates and focus on what we can learn – especially for job interviews.

Job Search Tips You Should Already Know

15 Nov 2016

Whether it’s your first time job hunting, or if a lot has changed since the last time you were in this process, here are job search tips you should already know.

Resume Phrases and Practices That Have Got To Go

07 Nov 2016

If it’s been a while since you last were in the job hunt, writing a resume can be a difficult task. We’ve gathered some tips on what not to do, so you boost your chances of getting selected for an interview.

Tips to build a long-term relationship with your work

20 Oct 2016

If you’ve found yourself going from job to job every year or so, here are some tips to help you build a more fulfilling relationship with your work.

How To Do Well in Your First Weeks at a New Job

13 Oct 2016

If you’ve just started a new job, or are starting one soon, and want to start well and impress your new boss and colleagues, we can help!

Job-Hunting Tips for Young Adults

06 Oct 2016

As you might be anxious and confused about what to do when looking for your first “real” job, we have a few tips to guide you.

Body Language Tips for Interviews

29 Sep 2016

In a job interview, what you don’t say is just as important as what you do say. From your clothes to eye contact, we’ve got you covered

First-Job Seekers: Unusual Tips to Keep in Mind

22 Sep 2016

As you probably know all the basic do's and don’ts of job search, we have a few unusual tips and facts to help you manage your expectations and outcomes.

Self-Improvement: Worthwhile Courses for Early-Career Professionals

15 Sep 2016

As you look for your first job or find yourself in-between jobs, investing in short courses can be a great way of not only improving your resume and your chances of landing that job, but also of acquiring valuable skills for your professional life.

How to Avoid Job Search Burnout

07 Sep 2016

As finding a job can take time in today’s competitive job market, we have a few tips to help you avoid job search burnout.

Questions Not to Ask During a Job Interview

31 Aug 2016

While you need to be prepared to answer questions and ask some, there are a few things you should never ask during a job interview, as they could cost you the job.

Job Hunting in a New Town

24 Aug 2016

If you feel like it’s time to make an impactful life and career move, we have some tips to help you.

What you need to know about an elevator pitch

12 Aug 2016

Whether you are preparing for a networking event, an actual elevator pitch or just a new Twitter bio, here’s what you need to know.

Pokémon Go and Job Hunters

05 Aug 2016

As the whole world plays Pokémon Go, all you really want to catch as a recent graduate is a job. But if you’d only look at job hunting the same way Pokémon masters look at catching them all, you’ll be more motivated and energised.

Busy professionals: how to take better care of your health

29 Jul 2016

As lives get busier and we prioritise professional success, there are a few ways we can ensure our health is keeping up.

Improving your job security

19 Jul 2016

If you are worried about losing your job due to downsizing or redundancy, we have a few tips that will help you demonstrate your value and secure your job.

Job Hunting Tips for Soon-to-be Graduates

15 Jul 2016

If you are graduating soon and still haven’t secured a job in your field of study, we have some tips to help you.

Popular Job Search Tips You Should Ignore

07 Jul 2016

As you turn to the internet, family and friends for job search tips, you will come across some that might actually do more harm than good.

4 more tips to help you highlight your achievements on your resume

04 Jul 2016

For those updating their resumes, and to follow up on our previous article, here are 4 more tips to help you make your resume stand out and get you one step closer to getting your next job.

How to make the most of your LinkedIn account

29 Jun 2016

Follow our LinkedIn tips and make the most of the largest professional social network platform and its 430 million members.

How Social Media Can Help You Get a Job

27 Jun 2016

If you’ve been looking for a job, or have a job interview coming up but have got no clue how to use social media to your professional advantage, read on as we’ve gathered some great tips!

4 tips to help you highlight your achievements on your resume

23 Jun 2016

If you’re updating your resume, or even writing up your first one as a soon-to-be graduate, we have gathered a few tips on how to make your resume stand out and boost your odds of getting that job!

Australia’s Digital Economy Set for Growth

15 Jun 2016

A Deloitte’s new report sets optimistic expectations for Australia’s digital economy: new waves of technological jobs and development are pushed forward.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Curent Job

09 Jun 2016

With the famous words of actor Woody Allen, we summarise how to reach for success and make the most of your current job.

5 Tips for Standing Out in your Interviews

03 Jun 2016

Time to shine. Here's how to stick in the minds of your interviewer long after the interview is over.

Dress for Success: The Keys to Correct Interview Attire

01 Jun 2016

Since the way you dress for an interview is so important, here are a few tips to help you increase your odds at landing the job.

How to Kill a Job Search: Part 2

03 Mar 2016

Don’t bungle the job interview when your job search has gotten you this far. Here’s the 3 key final job hunting foul-ups to avoid.

Smart Metallic Glass Could Electrify our Windows of Tomorrow

02 Mar 2016

A new breakthrough in glass technology has unlocked a hi-tech realm of innovative possibilities

How to Kill a Job Search: Part 1

26 Feb 2016

Don’t mess-up your job hunt. Here’s the first 4 of 7 key job searching boo-boos to refrain from.

3 Tips for Finding the Right Career Mentor

25 Feb 2016

Thinking about getting yourself a mentor, but aren’t sure what you should consider before following through with your decision? Here are 3 tips…

3 Key Qualities Students & Grads Should Master for Job Interviews

18 Feb 2016

Discover the 3 qualities students & graduates need to harness and communicate during job interviews.

Don’t let your Inexperience Stand in your Way during your Job Hunt

17 Feb 2016

Young professionals lacking experience should recognise what they can offer prospective employers and use their inexperience to their advantage.

Don’t be a Stranger! Acquaintances Land the Good Jobs: Part 3

11 Feb 2016

You’re almost there! The third and final step to enacting the 20-20-60, 3 Step Job Seeking Plan is finally unveiled.

3 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile from LinkedIn’s Senior Management

10 Feb 2016

Here’s 3 tips to make your LinkedIn profile pop from the business networking site’s Head of Global Consumer Communications.

3 ‘Big Data’ Trends Set to Reign Supreme in 2016 & Beyond

09 Feb 2016

3 ‘Big data’ trends shaping up to dominate the rest of 2016…

Don’t be a Stranger! Acquaintances Land the Good Jobs: Part 2

08 Feb 2016

Leading on from Part 1, find out how to vastly improve your chances of getting the job you want by learning some lessons from acquaintances.

Don’t be a Stranger! Acquaintances Land the Good Jobs: Part 1

04 Feb 2016

Compared to strangers, acquaintances have an easier time of getting the job they really want. Here’s 3 reasons why…

Employees Wanted! 5 Jobs Forecasted to Be In High-Demand Over 2016

02 Feb 2016

Here’s the low-down on which 5 types of professionals are set to be eagerly sought-after by employers both at home and abroad.

Take 2016 Head-On With These 6 New Year Career Resolutions Part 2

08 Jan 2016

Here is your 6 Step New Year, New Career Checklist, to help you get ready to jump into job hunting from the beginning of January 2016.

Part 2: Set Your Priorities Straight By Performing A Year End Review

07 Jan 2016

Conduct a Year End Review to get yourself prepped, primed and organised to take on 2016 with gusto and a clear mind.

Part 1: Set Your Priorities Straight By Performing A Year End Review

06 Jan 2016

A Year End Review is exactly what is needed to get your career and personal life in order as you head into 2016.

New Year, New Career! Take 2016 Head-On With These 6 New Year Career Resolutions Part 1

05 Jan 2016

Here is your 6 Step New Year, New Career Checklist, to help you get ready to jump into job hunting in January 2016.

Another 5 Transformers In Disguise

22 Dec 2015

Take a look at 5 more incredible transforming vehicles which already have and may soon revolutionise the way we travel.

5 More Books All Professionals Should Read

22 Dec 2015

Check out another 5 essential books all professionals must read.

A Brief History Of Australia’s Greatest Inventions

22 Dec 2015

Australia has a rich history of invention & innovation. Let’s take a look at what we can credit Aussie’s for.

Australia’s Economic Growth Depends Upon Our Capability for Innovation

21 Dec 2015

Where does Australia rank in regards to innovation compared to the rest of the world? How can we improve our standing and retain our competitive edge?

Thinking About Working In Sydney? Sydney Blog Part II

18 Dec 2015

Sydney’s economic outlook is looking bright. Find out who’s earning what and why the state is set to shine.

What You Need to Know About Living In Perth

16 Dec 2015

Thinking about moving to Perth? Then here’s a rundown which will give you a bit of insight into the city’s job sector and what sort of lifestyle you’d enjoy if you were to call Perth home.

Thinking About Living In Sydney?—Sydney Blog Part 1

15 Dec 2015

Sydney is a beautiful city which offers locals an outdoor-centric lifestyle. Discover what Sydney has to offer you and why it is simply a great place to live.

Advancing Technology Is Driving Agile Workspace Demand

10 Dec 2015

Agile office workspaces are on the way for Australian workplaces across the country asserts a Commercial Real Estate Services research survey.

The Future For Australian Tech Start-Ups Is Looking Bright

09 Dec 2015

The Australian tech start-up sector could be on the verge of boom times.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games May Be A Good Indication Of Leadership Capability

04 Dec 2015

Massively Multiplayer Online Games may help the leaders and managers of tomorrow build the skills they need to take the reins.

5 Books Every Professional Must Read!

02 Dec 2015

Check out 5 remarkable and insightful books every professional needs to read.

The Top 20, Most In-Demand Job Skills For 2015 Are…

01 Dec 2015

Wondering what skills you need to work on to give yourself a leg-up over the competition into the New Year? Then take a look at 2015’s most popular skills desired by Australian employers.

Want Career Advice & Insight Straight From The Pros? There’s An App for That!

27 Nov 2015

Find out what life in a chosen career is like straight from the professionals themselves using the Real Talk app, free from The Learning Partnership.

Make Your Resume Pop By Adding An Executive Summary

26 Nov 2015

Make your resume stand out and demand attention by including an executive summary statement.

Flawlessly Finesse Your Way Through 3 More Tricky Interview Questions Part 2

24 Nov 2015

In Part 2 we cover off the 3 most feared and nerve-wracking interview questions professionals of all types may encounter.

Australia’s Top 5 Influential IT Pioneers Part 1

20 Nov 2015

Wondering who Australia’s technology heavy-hitters are? Look no further. Here’s a glance at 5 of our country’s top, influential tech entrepreneurs, leaders & innovators.

Is This Job Really Right For You? 4 Questions To Ask Your Interviewer

20 Nov 2015

Make sure you’re a right fit for the business you’re applying to and that the role on offer will help further your career, not stall it.

Flawlessly Finesse Your Way Through 4 Tricky Interview Questions

20 Nov 2015

Here’s your guide to nailing 4 of the most common and tricky interview questions you’re likely to be asked during your job hunt.

Do You Know What Phase of Your Career You Are In?

18 Nov 2015

Discover the 3 stages of your career to spot where you are now and what you should be doing to get ahead to prepare yourself for what the future holds.

Preparation is Key to Nailing Your Skype Job Interview

11 Nov 2015

Check out this 5 step guide to make sure you are utterly and completely prepared to breeze through your next Skype job interview with ease, poise and confidence.

What Does Your Resume Say About You At A Glance?

10 Nov 2015

You resume is integral to getting the job you want, so find out how your resume is perceived by recruitment experts at first look. 

How Is Australia’s Start-Up Sector Performing?

04 Nov 2015

Healthy start-up activity is integral to re-injecting life into the Australian economy, so what’s going on in our start-up scene and what do the experts and policy-makers think is the best way forward?

A Merry Job Hunt To You This Christmas Season

27 Oct 2015

Job hunting over Christmas is a smart idea. Here’s 5 reasons why professionals shouldn’t wind-down their job search during the festive season.

Coffee May Hold Key To Truly Sustainable 2nd Generation Biofuel

16 Oct 2015

What does coffee have to do with sustainable energy solutions? Find out...

5 IT Predictions: What Might The Future Of Work Look Like By 2018?

15 Oct 2015

Are you wondering just how great an impact technology and AI will have upon the future of your working career? If so, then we have 5 IT predictions to give you a bit of an idea.

2015 Report Crowns Sydney Place to Be for Australian Technology Start-Ups

08 Oct 2015

Sydney appears to offer the most promise for Australian technology start-ups in our rising global digital economy.

The Future for Australian Tech Start-Ups Looks Bright

06 Oct 2015

Australian technology start-ups are experiencing favourable conditions and undergoing growth thanks to increasing overseas investment and government interest.

Communicate Like a Business Master with These 9 Steps

29 Sep 2015

Check out these 9 steps for conquering the art of communication, to move up the ladder and command any room you enter like a business guru.

Your Personality is the Key to Landing the Job You Want!

23 Sep 2015

First impressions are made within half a second and can last a lifetime, so make sure you put your best foot forward in the job interview by letting your personality do most of the work.

Future-Proof Your Career with the Right Skills, Competencies & Knowledge

31 Aug 2015

Multi-disciplinary skills, cross-cultural competency and understanding where social media is heading are imperatives for future-proofing your career across all business sectors.

Find Out What Pay to Expect for Your First Graduate Job

25 Aug 2015

Graduate salaries for under 25’s in first time employment remains unchanged, while long-term employment prospects look to slowly be improving.

The Australian Lifestyle & Work Culture is Undergoing Transformation

20 Aug 2015

How we work and live in Australia is shifting rapidly. Take a look at 3 top trends which will greatly impact upon your job and lifestyle into the future.

2015 Bachelor Degree Salary Figures Review

13 Aug 2015

Find out what’s been going on with salary growth for full-time, newly minted, bachelor degree graduates and what salaries look like for post graduates.

Explain Resume Gaps & Land that Job

11 Aug 2015

Explaining gaps on your resume can seem daunting. So take a look at these tips for NOT blowing your job interview.

Get that Deadline Extension without Harming Your Reputation!

06 Aug 2015

Not going to make that work deadline? Check out these 4 tips to wrangle a work extension out of your boss, manager or client and give yourself breathing room.

Skilled Bachelor Graduates Job Prospects Rising

31 Jul 2015

New graduate employment is recovering and on the rise once more throughout Australia, with one state outperforming the rest when it comes to job prospects.

Avoid Making These 9 Big Mistakes on LinkedIn

23 Jul 2015

Navigate the pitfalls of LinkedIn with this handy list of 9 mistakes to avoid making on your profile. 

Unconscious Hiring Decisions Which can Make or Break an Interview

23 Jul 2015

Unconscious bias in hiring decisions can have a real effect on whether or not you get that job. Find out about 3 unconscious biases which can impact you.

27 Words To Avoid On Your Resume

03 Jun 2015

Here’s a compilation of 27 words never to use in your resume if you want the best chance of landing a job.

Workplace Fitness Slowly on the Rise in Australia

01 Jun 2015

With the Australian population getting fatter, workplaces are slowly coming around to the idea of fitness programs and group personal training sessions to keep their employees happy, healthy and productive.

Infrastructure & Road Construction Growth Nationwide - Leading To New Jobs

06 May 2015

Nationwide road and infrastructure projects are taking off, bringing jobs and revenue to Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and NSW. Check out what projects are happening where.

Business Confidence Returning to Top Tier Law Firms

06 May 2015

Australia’s biggest law firms expect revenue to pick up within the next 6 months while Canberra and Brisbane are set to see the most sector growth.

What Will Work Life Be Like in the Future?

04 May 2015

With the evolution of technology and the ever increasing power of companies, the future working environment will be very different to what we know now. So what can we predict based on what we know today?

Landing A Promotion Requires More Than Just Hard Work

22 Apr 2015

7 Tips for landing a promotion and making your way up the career ladder. Make sure it’s not you who is holding yourself back from a well-deserved promotion.

Don’t Sabotage Your Career, Keep Your Online Presence Clean

17 Apr 2015

Employers often check people’s social media presence before making final hiring decisions so make sure yours won’t put a stain on your reputation and hamper your career, or job search.

How Your Career Can Affect Your IQ?

04 Mar 2015

Are you a mathematician, writer, social worker, lawyer or architect? If the answer is yes, then your brain is more likely to be healthier for longer.

10 Ways To Boost Your Career Mentality

16 Feb 2015

Finding a job is hard but having the right mentality can change all that.

Take This Personality Test To Determine Your Career

05 Feb 2015

We are often told that our personality determines a number of life choices. Complete the test and see if you have a match!

10 Rules To Stay Motivated During Your Job Hunt

15 Jan 2015

Job hunting is often hard and unmotivated, however, we have some tips to keep you in check!

5 Ways To Transform Your Office!

13 Jan 2015

Firms are taking on new models for their workplaces, making them more collaborative, interactive, efficient and environmentally friendly.

How You Appear on Google Search Results May Affect Your Career

17 Nov 2014

As the internet grows, employers are required to Google search your name. What they find can either land you the job or ruin your chances.

New Ways To Promote Workplace Safety

23 Oct 2014

This month, workers across the nation are engaging with latest ideas and developments in workplace safety. Read this article to find out more about Work Safe Australia Month.

New Law Jobs in Perth and Sydney

16 Oct 2014

Perth and Sydney are great locations for aspiring lawyers due to the range of career opportunities available. Read this article to find out more about the legal job market in these two cities.

How to Make Your Own Personal Brand?

13 Oct 2014

Creating a personal brand is not a once-off task. You should continue to manage and develop your personal brand throughout every stage of your career. This article offers some suggestions for improving your personal brand.

Research Shows Benefits of Flexible/Reduced Work Hours

08 Oct 2014

Studies suggest that reduced working hours and more flexible employment could improve the well-being of Australians, increase productivity and benefit the environment. Read this article to find out more about the changing trends and ideas for working habits around the world.

Australian Households Are Wealthier But Face Future Risks

26 Sep 2014

A recent report shows retirement prospects of Australian households remain relatively low despite the continued growth in overall wealth. Read this article to find out about the study and the response from experts in finance.

How to Build Your Leaderships Skills

25 Sep 2014

Successfully leading others is a key way to build your career; it allows you to complete challenging tasks and provides you with the opportunity to stand out in your work-place. But you do not need to be a manager or team leader to start practicing good leadership. Read this article for ideas about how to develop your leadership skills in the early stages of your career.

How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

26 Aug 2014

Studies indicate that Australian employees strive for work-life balance, but many struggle to achieve it. Read this article to learn about the latest research and advice on managing your career and personal life.

A Guide for First Home Buyers

18 Aug 2014

Whether you are entering the property market solo, moving in with a partner or have a family to consider, purchasing your first home can be a tough decision. Many first home buyers are unsure where to start the decision-making process. This article will highlight the primary factors that need to be accounted for and offer some suggestions for finding the right information

Residential Construction is Key to a Strong Economy

05 Aug 2014

Research confirms that Australia’s construction industry is a key contributor to the economy and job market. Read this article to find out more about how the highlights and challenges in recent years are expected to impact the future.

Australia: Best Country for Online Businesses

05 Aug 2014

Australia is the best country for online businesses, according to a new index published in the lead-up to the G20 ministers meeting. Read this article to find out more about the strength of online trading in different parts of the world.

Female Engineers Earn More than Men in their Field

24 Jul 2014

A new study reveals that women in some areas of engineering are challenging the wage gap that exists among university graduates. Read this article to find out more about how the earnings of male and female engineers compare.

Law Firms Offer More Flexibility for Employees

24 Jul 2014

Despite the dominant belief that lawyers need to work full-time to be fully successful, a recent survey reveals that mid-tier law firms are retaining valuable talent by offering higher flexibility. Read this article to find out more about part-time time employment in Australia’s law industry.

How the Cloud is Changing the World of Accounting

22 Jul 2014

Emerging technologies are having an impact on the role of accountants and changing clients’ expectations. Read this article to find out more about how accounting is evolving.

How To Be Noticed at Work

27 May 2014

Want to be noticed at work but not sure what to do? Read the article and check out what you need to do to get noticed at work

NSW to Develop Surplus Government Land

09 May 2014

The State Government of NSW has undertaken to develop surplus land under its purview to enhance housing opportunities in the state.

Rise in job ads consolidates positive trend

22 Apr 2014

Latest figures released from ANZ’s monthly index of job ads saw last month building up on previous increases in advertisements for employment

Improving Productivity at Work - Managing Interruptions

12 Feb 2014

Amongst the myriads of factors that affect workplace productivity, interruptions are increasingly being recognised for their dampening effects on efficiency in the workplace. Read the article on tips to recognise and manage these interruptions.

Personnel Concept's Top Blog Posts for 2013

09 Jan 2014

Year 2013: Our blogs attracted more than 40, 000 Visits from all across Australia.

Job Sectors That Will Contribute To Increase In Employment in 2014

13 Dec 2013

New figures indicate a 7.1% growth across various job sectors across Australia.

20 Occupations Where Women Earned More Than Men

04 Dec 2013

A recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics report comes with a surprise as it lists twenty occupations where women on average receive higher wages than men on a weekly basis.

Google’s New Technology To Revolutionise The Construction Industry

25 Nov 2013

Google has been developing a product since 2011 that aims to revolutionize the construction industry

Australia's Ageing Population and Its Affects On Labour Supply

12 Nov 2013

The ageing population is reducing levels of participation in the economy. While some may view this as a serious concern for economic growth, careful analysis reveals that it may not necessarily be so.

Sydney Opera House - The $4.6billion National Treasure

31 Oct 2013

While it is undoubtedly priceless to all Australians, in a recent report commissioned for its 40th anniversary celebrations, financial services firm Deloitte has come up with a number to indicate how highly we value the Sydney Opera House.

5 Tips To Be a Good Leader

14 Oct 2013

While it may seem that some people are born leaders, it is not true. Leadership is a quality that we can all work to achieve and requires an understanding of the simple fact that as leaders we are dealing with people. Leading them is not about instructing them but allowing them to grow and flourish in a positive, encouraging environment.

Tips for First Home Buyers

03 Sep 2013

Buying your first home is an exciting time for everyone as it is the beginning of a new future. However, the experience can be daunting at the same time, as it is a huge commitment.

Qualities of a Valuable Employee

30 Aug 2013

Employers always say it is hard to find a good employee.  Traditional qualities such as dependability and reliability are always on the top of the list of expectations of most employers.  However with increasing competition and slow economic growth, employers are now looking into hiring employees with exceptional qualities.

Accounting Salary Guide 2013

26 Aug 2013

Your Salary in accounting will depend on your skills and experience. Market competition and global economy also play an important part in how much an accountant can earn.  This Accounting Salary guide includes facts and figures about salary packages and how they have changed in recent times.

A Guide to Property Investment

09 Aug 2013

Investing in property has been one of the most popular ways to invest amongst Australians for years. One of the first investments people make is to purchase their own home. But investment in property does not have to be for residential purposes only. Property investment has other alternatives such as commercial properties (e.g. factories and offices) or even retail properties. Investing in property has the potential to generate capital growth and returns, as well as help in reducing your personal tax.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor

02 Aug 2013

The majority of us want a safe and secure financial future, and we spend a considerable amount of time planning our finances. Dealing with issues such as paying our daily bills, kids’ education, mortgages, saving, etc can be quite overwhelming and often leads to stress.

The Real Estate Market and Property Jobs in Australia

16 May 2013

Australia is said to be the “Lucky Country” because of the natural resources that are found here in abundance coupled with the myriad of heritage sites which attracts tourists from all around the world. The Australian economy has grown without many interruptions since 1992 and has been safe from the hammer of recession so far. And things are no different for Real Estate in Australia as the country has seen large growth in the past few years right across Australia.

How to find Legal Jobs - A look at the Legal Industry

13 Mar 2013

Looking for a Job in Law but unsure about what sort of methods can work for you? You might have tried various networking events, or social networks but things might still be looking tough. So what are the best ways to find a law Job?

How will the Carbon tax affect Environmental Jobs?

08 Feb 2013

As leading polluters might have to pay by the tonne for releasing carbon dioxide in the environment in the very near future, the chances of such leading industry giants hiring environmental specialists or Environmental Scientists is beginning to increase and hence increasing the scope of environmental Jobs.

Unemployment in Australia and Grants

21 Jan 2013

The unemployment rate in Australia as checked on Dec 2012 is 5.4 % according to the latest publication from ABC (Australian Bureau of Statistics).

Effect of worldwide Environmental changes on Environmental Jobs

17 Dec 2012

As worldwide awareness of global warming increases, coupled with increased awareness of the harmful effects of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that are expelled into the environment by factories, the global economy is slowly moving towards a greener, less carbon-reliant market.

Environment Jobs Xmas Wrap-Up

13 Dec 2012

Let’s talk about the Environmental jobs market in Australia…

The fourth quarter of 2012 has seen a slowdown in the awarding of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS’s) and general sluggishness in the marketplace.

Interested in accounting jobs? Why not apply now through Accountant Jobs?

13 Dec 2012

In the accounting world a lot of candidates will often tell you that this time of year is less busy with people trying to finalise processes before the Christmas break . This quiet time makes it a very good opportunity to start the job search for a fresh January / February start.